Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

A video recently hit the web of Kelly Murphy a 19 year old Australian snowboarder hitting the slopes at a ski resort in Japan. In the video Kelly starts out strapping in with her headphones on while singing a terrible song that doesn't even use real words. After she's all strapped in she clears the snowflakes off her phone and start taking off downhill all while filming her ride with a selfie stick.

Now if you pay attention to the background of the video you begin to see something behind her and through the beginning off the footage you quickly realize it is a big ass bear that ends up following her and actually chasing her down the hill! She eventually gains speed and ends up losing the bear but she didn't even seem to notice. That's because she didn't until she watched the video footage. She told Australia's 9 News that;

I was freaking out when I saw it

Which one would expect. However, the internet trolls have come out to play andc alling shenanigans. Many are claiming that the video footage and sound effects are edited. At the time of posting nothing popped up on about so you'll just have to go ahead and decide for yourself. Go ahead and check out the video below.