We’re all used to snow here but we know Buffalo has it much worse. A storm yesterday dumped at least 19 inches closing a ten mile stretch of the Thruway (I-90). People have been trapped on the road in their cars for nearing 16 hours!

The road closed due to a tractor trailer jackknifing causing a traffic jam. The snow was falling so fast that the cars were snowed in. Crews are working to free the vehicles now. A motorist interviewed by CNN:

Sam McMahon, who has been trapped on the interstate since 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, told CNN meteorologist Reynolds Wolf that while he has seen snow like this before, there is something unique about this storm.

"In terms of snowfall, I have seen snowfall like this before but I have never been s

tuck in a situation like this on the thruway this extreme," he said. The University of Buffalo student was heading home Wednesday evening and when he hit slow traffic. "By 9 o'clock we were stopped," he said. "Since 9:30 last night I haven't moved an inch."

Police and volunteer fire fighters have been doing their best to keep stranded motorists warm and hydrated – as well as brining small amounts of gas for those who have run out.

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Check out the video from CNN too: