Last night, Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor was featured on NY Ink, which is a show about the Wooster Street Social Club tattoo shop, owned by former Miami Ink star Ami James. Taylor gets a piece in honor of the late Paul Gray, who was the longtime bassist for Slipknot. Watch the emotional video after the jump.

Q-Tease Amanda previously blogged about the scheduled appearance. To read her blog, go here.

The portrait tattoo is Gray's head, and he has his band mask on. Behind his head is the number two, which was his band number. The tattoo is placed on the back of Taylor's leg and comes out looking amazing.

The tattoo takes a couple of hours, and Taylor eventually breaks down due to pain- emotional and physical. It was very touching to see such a strong, amazing man and artist cry. My eyes welled up with tears just watching it. He talks about Gray and about their longtime friendship and how much he misses him. It was a very touching few minutes to watch, and I was honored to be able to watch it. Luckily, Taylor was supported by his wife, Stephanie, who stroked his head and back and talked to him to get his mind off of the pain.

I taped the show just for these few minutes, and it was definitely worth it. Watch the video and see for yourself. Write your comments below.