The metal band is getting ready to play some of the biggest gigs it's ever had, and with the loss of their bass player Paul Gray still fresh, they are also set to be the bands most emotional.

To the untrained eye, Slipknot can seem like a very scary band.  They have always done some really crazy stuff on stage and seem like pure evil, but these guys are very human indeed.

Almost a year ago they lost one of the founding members of the heavy metal orchestra that they are.  Paul Gray died of an apparent drug overdose just one day before he was going to get treatment for his addiction.  Now Slipknot is getting ready to hit the road for some summer shows and his absence is still being felt.

Shawn "Clown" Crahan and Joey Jordison were both spoken too by about what is in the future for Slipknot and how they are going to perform almost a year after the tragic loss.  Pretty much both of them said that these gigs are going to be huge and very emotional for the whole band.

It's gonna be really cool. It's gonna a big event, for sure. It's gonna be really, really emotional. It's gonna be, honestly, probably the best shows of my career

-Joey Jordison

When asked if there would be a new Slipknot record in the future both Clown and Jordison said that they would like one but can't speak for sure.  Jordison said that he alone as almost 17 songs ready to go for another album.