Last year Reebok was hit with a major lawsuit regarding their easy tone shoes, and now Sketchers faces a similar suit.

The people who began the advertising campaign for Sketchers Shape-Ups is in some hot water this morning.  The shoes that are suppose to help you work out your legs and lower body have been found to do none of that.  Sketchers is being forced to pay around $40 million in a new lawsuit for deceptive advertising.

It's the same lawsuit that Reebok faced back in September for their easy tone shoes.  The biggest problem Sketchers faces is that they said that their shoes would 'go beyond toned muscle' and would also help you lose weight.  The advertising campaign will have to be toned down.  Pun intended.

Someone should have sued people for wearing the ugly things.  Sketchers was charging around $100 for these gaudy things, and if you were foolish enough to buy them then you deserved to be the butt of a national joke.  The only good thing to come out of it was the sexy ad featuring Kim Kardashian, which actually may have been what got them into trouble in the first place.