The Sick Puppies ended up being the first band I had the pleasure of interviewing. I've never interviewed a band before, but I'm truly happy I was able to have them as the first band to speak with.

The Media tent  is insane and full of chaos. There are radio personalities from all over, and everyone is running around like maniacs.

I had the pleasure of talking to Emma and Mark while Schim made his round of interviews to other media journalists. Emma as always is soft spoken, yet so polite.

The most interesting fact I found out about the Sick Puppies as a band, they don't not have any tattoos. Today, the general image of a "rock stars" is leather, black, piercings, and tattoos. The Sick Puppies are the exception to this stereotype and it separates them from everyone else.

Mark explained one of the pre-show rituals is to drink ginsing and 5 hour energy. I joked about how crazy 5 hour energy makes me, but Mark says he can actually only drink about half of it.

We talked about random things fans have done to show how passionate they are for the Sick Puppies. Emma said fans are often asking for autographs to get tattoed. She actually joked about how a sweatyguy asked for her signature on his stomach but her signature ended up being distorted. She obviously didn't tell him, but I'm sure it's a memory she'll never forget.

Stay tuned with my blogs for the next two days. More interviews to come. I've actually just finished interviews with Downplay and Alter Bridge and will be posting them shortly.