If you missed out on Q-Ruption 2012 last night, you didn't see headliner Shinedown perform Simple Man in front of a packed  house at SPAC.  Not only did the boys put on a hell of performance - but they did it FROM THE CROWD!

During the show last night, Mike Adams and I were hanging on the rail listening to Shinedown blow our minds.  A security guard came and hurried us out the way.  The crew told Mike and I that the band was going to be coming off stage at 10:25 PM.  We didn't think much about it - hell, all bands come of the stage when they're done, right?  Nobody sleeps up there.   Next thing we know, Brent Smith rushes right by us!  Turns out that the boys were about to perform Simple Man - IN THE CROWD.  How cool was that!?  Check out the video I found on YouTube from another awesome Q103 listener!