There’s no crying on American Idol! Well, maybe from the contestants, but there shouldn’t be from the judges. Oh, but maybe I'm wrong!

I don’t watch American Idol, but considering its popularity and that I’m in the entertainment business, I do tend to see what’s cooking from time to time and this little bit did catch my eye. Interestingly enough, I am familiar with Chris Medina and his sad, yet resilient story. And hey, who wouldn’t to cheer for this guy? But I just don’t know if I’m buying J. Lo’s crying bit. It seems kind of phony and this whole thing is starting to make me think that maybe American Idol is more like the WWE. It certainly was when Simon Cowell was on. He at least made it funny though, and I know he wouldn’t let Ryan Seacrest walk around with that hair-do without making a few crass comments that would make me laugh!

So here it is, Jennifer Lopez crying during the show. What do you think? Is this really sincere or is she kind of putting on a show?