In the latest part of the Charlie Sheen destruction saga he is not taking the news of the cancellation of Two and a Half Men very well and is now reportedly doing his own show for HBO.

Charlie Sheen as we all know has totally lost his mind.  He went off on 'Men' creator Chuck Lorre yesterday and that got his hit show suspended for the rest of the season.  Well that is not sitting very well with Americas favorite celebrity disaster (sorry Lindsay, you've been bumped).  So Sheen's people reported earlier today that he will be taking his incredible talent to HBO to do a new show called  Sheen's Corner which will pay him $5 million an episode.   he was the highest paid actor on TV making $2 million a show for Two and a Half Men.

It's going to be in the talk show format and Sheen said he is very close to a deal with the network.  He is calling the deal "Epic".

It will be epic, all types of guests and we will focus on the truth and the absurd

-Charlie Sheen

HBO on the other hand could not be contacted for a comment.  So is this true?  Or is Charlie just completely off his rocker?  He actually continued to slam Chuck Lorre saying that he is so confident that none of these faceless names can hurt me.   he may have also been taking a shot at CBS and Warner Bros executives too.  No doubt in my mind that we will see Charlie dead or broke very soon, and maybe both.