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Delays happen for many reasons when it comes to mass transit. Sex is usually not one of them. A couples "love spot" ended up not being the best place to get it on and were spotted by a train's conductor which forced the train to stop.

It happened in Morrum, Sweden and the conductor slowed the train down as he approached the parked car to ensure no one was trying to commit suicide. A local train dispatcher, Mitchell Hellberg, says "Often when cars are sitting next to the track it's usually copper thieves or someone who has grown tired of life".

The train's conductor made sure to let the couple know they weren't being discreet about their trist as he pulled up beside them and told them to get moving on. It's one thing to have a car come up beside you but it's another when it's a frickin' train. Embarassing? They probably got a kick out of it.

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