We ran across this free app that has been getting great reviews. Sex Secrets++ is an app that is designed to introduce a new way to look at your sex life. With life as busy as ours it can be hard to get creative in the bedroom. With SS++ you can scroll from page to page till you see something that interests you. Plus If you have any ideas you want to share with other users, you can with their a chat option.


So we downloaded this app to see what the fuss is about. This app is very simple. Just a few sentence per page. You scroll left and right to move from page to page. And not all tips are tips some are just sex facts. That can be useful by helping you have a better under standing of whats going on with your partner.The good news is it's free so if you don't like you can just delete it.

Here are some examples:


Add excitement and newness to your sex life by making love in a new place. Rent a hotel room, try a different room, make love in public,ect

Although some sex positions may encourage pregnancy, no sexual positions prevent pregnancy.

Aniseed is an outstanding sexual aphrodisiac,passed down from the Greeks thousands of years ago. Suck on the seeds to increase your sexual desire and libido.