A charter school in Troy will be closing down due to the result of new exams. The Ark Charter School, which has given opportunity to many children who have been considered less fortunate, will most likely not be an option for them any longer. According to the Times Union, funding for the school will be canceled due to recent results of the latest and new Common Core-based exams.

I do not have children and have not been out of the education system long enough to fully understand what this means for these kids, but from an outside perspective it looks troubling. The sense I make of the situations is school does poorly at teaching children, so we cut funding. School does even worse with less funding so close school down. I guess in the long run this will be a valuable lesson for the children to learn.

You didn’t do your homework so now nobody gets to go to school. Nice work NY education system!

My only hope is when you closed down The Ark Charter School you at least had the decency to had each child a new pair of coal mining gloves to prepare them for their future.