Be prepared for a number of main streets to be closed off in Schenectady today, as the local film The Place Beyond the Pines, starring Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper will continue filming. Plan to get detoured to back and side streets, and give yourself extra time to arrive to your destinations. Oh, and try and get a glimpse of the stars for me!

According to the Times Union article, all of the following streets will be closed both ways to all traffic, including vehicles, pedestrians and buses, until 10 o'clock tonight:

1. State Street from McClellan Street through Swan Street. Detours will direct traffic north on McClellan Street, or south on Kelton Ave.

2. Albany Street from Kelton Avenue through Swan Street. Detours will direct traffic from Kelton Avenue south onto Duane Avenue and from Swan Street south on Backus onto Duane Avenue.

3. Brandywine Avenue from Albany Street to Bradley Street. Detours will direct northbound traffic either west on Emmett Street or east on Duane Avenue. Southbound traffic will be sent east on Bradley Street.

In addition, CDTA's Route 905 355 eastbound and westbound and Route 352 southbound and northbound will also be directed elsewhere due to filming.