My parents don't need to give me a forwarding address because I know where to find them, their favorite place to go just got bigger and better.

Saratoga is now home to a 117-room hotel with 2 restaurants, a grand ballroom, fitness center, an outdoor terrace and over 3,000 sq. ft. for meetings and events, it took 13 months and $40 million to build. Guests at the hotel can take a horse-drawn carriage from the hotel to and from the races.

Meanwhile: You still can't sit for to long on the sidewalks of Saratoga.

The newly rebranded hotel seems like fun though, but at what cost?

I am sure that it will bring in a lot of money and gain Saratoga more attention from tourists, but now if I want to see my parents on the weekend, I am going to have to go to a hotel in Saratoga.

I would like to see the 3,000 sq. ft. for meetings and events put to good use, I look forward to seeing what kinds of events come to Saratoga, maybe a really good comedy show of a comic con, that would be cool, especially the comic con because I think it would be funny to see a bunch of Senior Citizens get into a fight with a bunch of Cos Players, I would sit and watch that fight if it were not against the law to sit for too long in Saratoga.