It’s called ‘Q103's Friday Night Live’ and it happens every week at Savannah's on Pearl St. in Albany. I’ve seen many tribute bands throughout the years, but amazingly have never seen a Stones tribute. I’m extra psyched to see this one as it features local rock ‘n’ roll hero Tommy Love on the vocals. I’ve heard and read so many great things about Mr. Love and can’t wait to see him perform. And from watching the video below, Tommy clearly can do an excellent Mick Jagger.

Sway (the Stones tribute) is set to begin @ 9pm and during the intermission I’ll be playing some Mystery Riffs for some prizes. And yes, we are bringing down the ‘You Suck” too. Chances are I’ll be playing all Stones tunes on the Riff, so it you’re there for the band, it should be pretty easy.