Finally someone has figured out a way to get Axl Rose to the stage on time.

There is no other lead singer in the world that is as notorious for being late than Axl Rose.  I remember a few years back in one of his incarnations of GnR they played what was then the Pepsi Arena and he was crazy late.  Finally one place as figured out how to get his ass to the stage.

Guns N Roses is scheduled to play this years Rock in Rio festival in Brazil and in the bands contract with the festival they have all agreed to pay a fine if Axl is late.  This is perfect because we all know the way to Axl's heart is through his pocket.  The president of the Rock in Rio festival said that GnR's festival contract is the only one in history to include a late clause.  The last time Guns played the festival it was in 2001.  This year they will be joined by Metallica, Slipknot, The Chili Peppers and a whole slew of other artists ranging from Cold Play to Katy Perry. If you want more info on Rock in Rio visit their website here.