Nobody likes a messy breakup, but that's what Rob Halford and Judas Priest are going through right now.  Back in August Halford let his long time manager go, and now he has decided to sue Judas Priest for wrongful termination.

Back in August Rob Halford and Judas Priest management decided that is was time to part ways with Halford's long time manager John Baxter.  Baxter had been managing Halford since 1982.  Rolling Stone reports  that Baxter and his attorney's have decided to sue Judas Priest for breach of contract.

According to Baxter's attorney the bands management had ulterior motives by removing Baxter.  In August Priest was still planning a farewell tour so Priest management wanted to work with Halford on his solo stuff.  Obviously now Judas Priest is moving forward, but it would have been impossible for Priest's management team to work with Halford with Baxter still there.

Rumor has it Baxter was complaining that he wasn't receiving the proper compensation, so they decided to cut ties with him.  Entertainment lawyer Doug Mark told Rolling Stone that Baxter's lawsuit is "terrible" and that a judge would most likely just settle it quick to get it out of the system.

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