Have you been wondering where the SUNY Albany college students are this week? Wondering why this years Albany St. Patricks Day Parade ends on State Street and doesn't turn down Pearl Street? Remember the Kegs & Eggs St. Patrick's Day Riot?  It was only a year ago and a big black mark on SUNY Albany as well as the City.  Since then many things have changed.  Besides SUNY Albany changing the schedule of when Spring Break occurs, Fountain day was canceled (remember the student who chained himself to the fountain in portest) and  City police has increased patrols in the Pine Hills neighborhood otherwise known as the student ghetto.

As the Kegs & Eggs St Patrick's Day riot that occurred on the morning of March 12, 2011,  cellphone video of destroyed property became viral and part of national news.   Seniors were concerned that graduating from SUNY Albany would limit their job prospects.

Many of the students that were involved in the Kegs & Eggs avoided jail time, were sentenced two -three years probation, given 200 hours of community service as well as forced to pay thousands in restitution.

As one Pine Hills resident said "Sometimes it takes a crisis to pull together a neighborhood".

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