Red Robin will be cutting Busboy positions at all 570 restaurants across the country due to the recent minimum wage hikes.

According to the Times Union, Red Robin hopes to save $8 million by cutting the busboy jobs, which include 21 restaurants in New York (including locations in Saratoga, Halfmoon, and Latham). Other employees will also be expected to takeover former busboy duties. Red Robin CFO Guy Constant was said to have stated, "We need to address the labor increases we've seen," at a recent retail conference in Florida. It is not known how many busboy positions will be eliminated here in the Capital Region, but there will be cuts.

One way I think this whole cost cutting measure could have been avoided would be to just do away with the 'bottomless fries' (unlimited fries that are served with each gourmet burger). Maybe if they stopped offering the unlimited fries, that would save some money and that would allow them to keep employees. Just a thought.