In the digital age of music, your favorite band’s songs have never been more accessible. Ray Luzier, the drummer of Korn, sees both a great deal of good and bad with this.

I met up with Ray back stage in Albany for a Q103 exclusive. Between talking about neck ties and how many shots of espresso we each could drink, I was able to ask about music streaming sites such as Spotify and how he felt about them.

Check out what Ray Luzier had to say and then check out the full interview from back stage at the Washington Avenue Armory.

“…This is the first time I saw someone like steal music…”

“It’s cool that sites do this… but it’s like what is the artist getting out of it?”

“I don’t blame Taylor (Taylor Swift) for doing what she did…”

“Rock is never going to die but the rock sales have dropped off incredibly.”

“Look at U2. They had that big thing with Mac… don’t for a second think they gave their music away…”

-Ray Luzier, Korn