Russian style videos are all the rage. Have you not noticed? Honestly, anything with 'Russia' and 'video camera' in the title or, somewhere in the description, equals success. Instant success! This video, hands down, confirms that- even if it is Polish. ;-)

So, you're minding your own business, you know- riding down the road when out of no where! Well hold on, I can't just give it away.

So yeah, you and the old lady just finished up dinner at some swanky Polish restaurant and it's time to head home. It's when you get on the highway, yeah, that's when the realization of you:

A- Driving

B- Wrecking your car

C- Should have had dessert

comes into focus. In a matter of seconds you have gone from a nice night out to:

My lord jesus, I hate driving here!


Ok, so this vid caught me off guard and I can almost guarantee the same happened to you. Happy Friday!