Earlier this week, I got the awesome opportunity to sit down and chat with In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink via telephone. Despite her being 3,000 miles away, I felt connected with her and like she was within arms reach, almost like I was talking to an old friend. Read on to find out more about her and the band and what they have been doing!

What have you and the band been up to since the release of A Star-Crossed Wasteland and your most recent tour?

The band and I are finishing touring and starting the writing process for our fourth album, which we hope to have out by June or July. We will be doing a tour, but it won't be right away. Even though recording will probably take place in the beginning of 2012, artwork, photo shoots and other priorities will ensue, so tours won't start being booked until about May. The new album "will show the dark side of us" [In This Moment], as it will be "fiery and alluring, but still heavy and still us." The band likes to be different which each album, so that the listener is taken on a fascinating, but different journey each time. I don't want to do the same thing twice, and I've really been influenced by crimsons, reds and darkness (in a positive way), so that's what I wanted to focus on for this album. This will also be the first time the band has had outside musicians, such as the guitarist for 10 years, helping and contributing to the album. I loved how easy it was to work with them, and they helped with all aspects of writing, and we were able to bounce ideas off of each other.

The band isn't currently on tour, but from November 14-19, they will be among the dozen bands that

will be performing on the third annual Shiprocked Cruise, which takes off in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and will visit Costa Maya and Cozumel. Buckcherry, Hinder, Filter, Sevendust, Hell Yeah and Queensryche will also be on board. Maria is most excited to work with Sevendust, as she said that their performance on the Music as a Weapon tour back in January was amazing. Maria will also be performing with Queensryche on the cruise, which she is looking forward to as well.

The band plan to make a stop in the area when their tour begins, and perhaps the Q103 studios as well!

Being so beautiful and ultra-feminine, is it hard for you to live in such a confined space for months at a time, and to basically live out of suitcases?

I "make it work" in any and every situation. I've toured on buses, vans and RV's, and always have my own bags and own stuff so that it is all organized and in its own spot.

Why Alice in Wonderland? Why did you choose the whole Wonderland theme for your costumes and website?

I loved the movie as a little girl, and the whole idea that it was an escape into another world- "an underground reality world of insanity." My mother once got me a blue dress that resembled Alice's, and it's pretty much the only article of clothing that I remember from my childhood.


In accordance with that, is there any other specific memories that have contributed to your music and musical aesthetic?

My mother was a really cool, rock n' roll mom. She had me when she was young and while she was still a hippy. I remember going to concerts with her as young as ages five and six- The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Elton John, Stevie Nix, etc. Between those, and putting on plays in my neighborhood, I always knew I wanted to be a singer.

There isn't a lot of personal information out there about you. What are you like and doing when you're not being Maria the singer?

I do have a boyfriend who's a football player. He has played for the Arizona Cardinals in the past, but is now taking a break. I also have a beautiful son who is the complete opposite of me. He's an athlete, and has always been popular and confident. I took him with me when I moved to California to pursue my career and find a band. We eventually moved back to New York.

What's been the single most defining moment for you as an artist?

[Pauses] Hmm...I guess it's whenever I'm on stage. No matter where I am, "when I'm on stage, it's so

surreal." I've sacrificed and struggled so much, always thinking this wouldn't happen, the times I wanted to give up. You can never give up. At those moments I realize "we really are in control" and can make things happen. Those are just "magical moments" where everything comes together.

If you could change one thing about your life or career, what would it be?

Money. Not for my purposes, but I would be able to take care of my mom, son and other loved ones. "I could send my grandmother on vacation." People think that once a band is "big" that they make a ton of money, but that's not true. "It's hard to make money. It's financially a hard business until you hit gold." However, that only makes you strive toward your goal more and work harder because of it.

What's been your favorite tour, location or band you have toured with?

We've been on so many tours I don't really have a preference, but the outside festivals, such as Mayhem or Ozzfest are my favorite. I love how everyone can have fun and go crazy. As for inside shows, I really enjoyed the Music as a Weapon tour with Disturbed and Korn. As for locations, I loved Amsterdam- "it was beautiful, cool, and pretty rad." I also enjoyed Tokyo, which had good shopping. The fan base is big in Japan and Europe, but is most prominent in the U.S. since we're from here.

Where do you see yourself and the band in five years? Do you think you will reach your ultimate goals?

I definitely think we will. We can still go so much further and grow as a band. Our ultimate goal is to play a civic center, where we are the headliners and people come to see us and only us. As long as we always live in the moment and work for what we want. "I'm just so grateful to do what I've always dreamed of."

Do you have anything to add, or anything you want people, including your fans, to know?

Not really, just to keep in touch through my website and Facebook page. My website is called Maria Brink's Wonderland, and there is a cost of $15 a month, but it includes exclusive looks at my blogs, artwork, pictures, songs and videos. It's also another means of income for me, along with selling my paintings. The charge also protects against hackers and haters. I have an online chat forum where I talk live with my fans, and it use to be free, but there are mean people out there who would ruin our chats and speak vulgar language, just because they have nothing better to do. That's when I decided to make the forums a private thing as well. It's my own underground scene [just like Alice's wonderland].

As for those who can't afford the monthly fee, I am also personal via my Maria Brink's Wonderland Facebook page. I

run it with no help, and personally take the time to go through pictures, comments, etc. that fans leave. This allows me to still be personal with everyone and stay connected. Please tell everyone to become fans of my page so they can stay updated.

I have never talked to a sweeter, more gracious artist in my life. I love that Maria is so appreciative of everything and lives each moment like her last. In This Moment is the perfect name for her band, and now it makes sense to me after talking with her. She is so real and down-to-earth, and I can't imagine a better musician to represent our state. Talking with her came so easy and I couldn't imagine a better person for my first phone interview. It's easy to see that Maria was born a star, and was meant to be a singer. She knows what it's going to take to achieve her dreams, but also realizes what's important in her life and those who have helped make her dreams reality. She has her child-like fantasy but yet is a strong and independent woman. I can't wait to eventually meet Maria and tell her how much I idolize her after this interview.