Either this woman is brainless or she wanted to get caught. A 20-year-old prostitute from Salem, Oregon walked into a police station, only it was to meet a client, or so she thought. Instead she was charged and arrested, unfortunately it wasn't for stupidity.

Christal Smith briefly communicated with her "client" via text and phone before agreeing to meet up with him. She then proceeded to drive 50 miles to get to her destination. I'm not sure if she knew she was driving directly to a police station, but the giant sign that read 'Salem Police Station' when she arrived should have tipped her off. It's like on To Catch A Predator when the man suspects he is being set up and goes in anyway.

It gets better. Not only did she enter the station anyway, she also passed several officers and identifying signs along the way to the unmarked door that supposedly held the "client."

Instead of going to work, Smith was arrested (on January 11) for prostitution and promoting prostitution. The whole thing was a set up, obviously, and the police detectives found her via a website.

Smith's attorney, if there is one, currently can't be found.

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