So for the guys Super Bowl bet this year they decided that the loser would have to grow one of those hideous porn mustaches.  Producer Steve got a head start.

Fortunately for Producer Steve he already had a bunch of facial hair so getting to his now glorious mustache wasn't much of a journey.  He got the short end of the stick for their annual Super Bowl bet.  They each put their names into a hat to draw out who they pick out of the final four to win the whole thing.  Now there are only 4 teams left, and 5 show members so whoever didn't get drawn had to grow a mustache for fun.  This fell to Producer Steve.  It came down to either him or Hot Wings and Hot Wings pulled his own name out.  I call shenanigans.  At any rate, here s Producer Steve's new stache.  He's looking very Hulk Hogan now so I'm sure he'll soon be telling everyone to drink their milk and take their vitamins.  Either that or he'll have a daughter and marry someone who looks exactly like her.