Yelp, the website that is typically used to rate and grade restaurants, shopping, and just about anything else that you might want to reviews - including prisons!

Yep, former inmates and even neighbors are weighing in on the prison system here in America. Granted not all of the reviews are tongue and cheek with sarcasm, some are actually using Yelp as a way to get out info about mistreatment, abuse, and poor food.

With Yelp, it's all pretty much based on an individuals opinion and since the prison reviews don't give out any "hard" information it's tough to tell if the folks reviewing them are telling the truth.

With that aside, some lawyers have used the site to help with their clients' cases and, in certain cases, have gotten an internal review of the prison thanks to Yelp.

Is this a good thing or bad thing? You decide but to have some fun with the idea that people are actually reviewing prisons on Yelp: Here are some highlights from Buzzfeed's list of comical reviews.