In the Capital Region, where you buy your groceries can define what type of person you are. Or it could just be a matter of preference- but don't your preferences define you?

I am a Hannaford man.

Yes, a Hannaford man I am, and I have a very good reason why: Chocolate Milk, Hood Moonstruck Chocolate Milk, Thee Chocolate Milk, my chocolate milk.

Don't get me wrong -- there is nothing bad about Price Chopper. Then again...

Ever notice that the Price Chopper dairy fridge always has a few cartons of milk that are leaking? Maybe it's just the Latham store. I don't know; I am a Hannaford man.

I like the deals that they have at Price Chopper and the discount day-old baked goods, but sometimes Price Chopper scares me.

Hannaford, on the other hand, is too prissy to scare me. I always feel fancy when I am at Hannaford, or like I should be fancier, because I am not a very fancy person.

What it comes down to for me is the chocolate milk and the fact that Hannaford was closer to my parents house. When I was a kid, I could walk to Hannaford, but I never worked there. I worked at Price Chopper, and I knew people who worked for Hannaford, and it always seemed like Hannaford had stricter rules for their employees than Price Chopper. But Price Chopper employees always seem happier than Hannaford employees.

I am a Hannaford man, but for some reason, I feel like I should be a Price Chopper man. Whenever I feel to conflicted about this, I beat myself up inside and go to Walmart.