President Obama may not have started this mission but he put together a great team of special forces and saw things through to the end.  Maybe that's why he didn't have time to dig out his birth certificate.

Much like the rest of you, I couldn't help but feel patriotic this morning.  What glorious news!  The man who was at the forefront of the 9/11 terrorist attacks has finally been brought to justice.  This is a great day for every single US citizen across the board.  It is also a great day for our President.  Unfortunately now that the details are coming together, conservative big mouths like Rush Limbaugh are trying to discredit the guy.

To say that President Obama deserves full credit for this operation would be wrong as well.  It started with the Bush administration but Obama was the man who saw it through to the end.  A joint effort over almost 10 years, but it is finally done.  The military obviously deserves the most credit for getting the job done.  After years of tracking and months and months of gathering intelligence our guys put a bullet in Osama's head.  Job well done to everyone in uniform.  But to try and discredit the guy who put together the team who finally brought this monster to justice is crazy.

I know that people don't like him, but seriously he did it and now it's time to applaud him for the efforts.  He even called former Presidents Clinton and Bush to let them in on what was going on.  In his initial speech he doesn't even take full credit.  So when I hear people like Rush continue to put him down it makes me wonder who the real patriots are.  In the end Obama deserves a whole lot of respect for seeing this through.  Former President Bush deserves credit for staying the course for near 8 years while this scum was in hiding. Lets all just be happy that the world is a little bit safer with this guy rotting away in the deepest pit of hell.