Last year the citizens of Colorado approved the law to make Marijuana legal in the state. Now comes a recommendation that pot be made legal for all visitors of the state too.

The Task Force that is charged with regulating the usage of the drug told state officials that visitors of the state should be allowed to smoke as well, so long as they do within the boarders of the state.

That means signs would be erected at airports, train stations, bus terminals, etc stating that you can enjoy the green in the state but don't take it home with you.

What does that mean for someone who would visit the state just for some smoking? Regulations might be put on tourist that would only allow them to buy up to an eighth of an ounce per transaction. This is so traffickers wouldn't cross in to the state, buy up stock, and head home to sell it themselves.

Can you smoke it in public, wither your a resident or not? The Task Force couldn't agree on that term just yet. Some members want the public usage banned in such places as porches, patios, and backyards - essentially leaving the only place to smoke is inside your own home. Another member spoke up proclaiming how is it that they "can drink a beer on my porch but not smoke a joint?"

There's a lot to be determined by the Task Force and they have until February 28th to get it all done so that their regulations can be passed on to the State Legislature and the Department of Revenue, who oversees such things as gambling and alcohol.

That would be awesome though, taking a "Pot Vacation" to Colorado! And here I thought I would have to go to Amsterdam to make that happen.