Ten-year-old rock quintet Pop Evil have recently announced that they left their current label, Universal Music Group, and signed with eOne for the release of their second full-length album, War of Angels, which is set to release July 5.

The group made the death of their relationship with Universal known at last month's Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, as frontman Leigh Kakaty tore up the contract while on stage. I don't know if this was a smart move or if it doesn't even make a difference, but it seems like they wanted to get their point across, and I'm sure they did.

War of Angels was currently under Universal's care, but Pop Evil became fed up after delays (the band wanted it released last summer) and a bunch of other problems, so switching record labels seems like a wise move for the Muskegon, Michigan-based band. Hopefully the switch will be a positive change for the boys who work so hard to keep their fans happy. They've visited the area a few times, and they are such awesome dudes who just love what they do. I'm glad they decided to take the reigns so that they, as well as their fans can get everything as possible out of the band and their music.

According to Noisecreep:

Overall, Pop Evil are thrilled about this new chapter in the band's history. Clearly happy with his band's new home, Kakaty said that he has received more emails from eOne staff in the past week than he has from any record label at any point in his career.

Kakatay spoke with Noisecreep and expressed his feelings and excitement toward the new partnership and everything it has to offer:

[Universal] didn't see the same vision for our band as we did, he said. It was a lot of reasons -- it could have been money, finance, the industry. The more years go by, the less money labels want to spend on rock music in general. I get that. Unless you are Lady Gaga, no one cares. Those artists bring in quick amounts of money, but look at bands like Poison and Tesla, who are still playing all these years later.

Kakaty also spoke directly to the fans who have waited patiently for War of Angels to come out. We want to apologize to them, but thank them at the same time, he said. It was out of the band's control. If it were up to us, it'd have been out. They think they are frustrated, but trying being the band, wanting it out since last summer! Timing is everything, and it feels like it's our time now.

I hear what he's saying about labels and rock bands. Rock and metal are the only two types of true music in my book, and it's sad and pathetic that "singers" like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber get all the media hype and attention when they're not even talented. It makes me sick and I hope that it changes someday for the sake of good music.

Below, you can watch Kakaty rip up the contract while on stage at ROTR.

Pretty awesome huh? What do you think of this- good or bad move?