Pop Evil who hails from Michigan performed at Northern Lights opening for Papa Roach.  The band consists of frontman Leigh Kakaty,  guitarists Tony Greve and Dave Grahs, bassist Matt Dirito and drummer Dylan Allison.  All bands are passionate about their music, but it would be very hard to find 5 guys that are more passionate than Pop Evil.  I sat down with Leigh to discuss their past,  present, future  and heard a new single. 

The boys from Pop Evil,  could be your friends from high school or neighborhood that dreamed about making it big in the music world.  They are hardworking guys that are just looking for their big break and from their efforts its starting to pay off.  I feel no band deserves it even more.

Leigh Kakaty is the main driving force behind the vision of Pop Evil.  He knows what he wants, he can feel it and soon it will be there for the taking.  The band treats everyone they come in contact with as family and Leigh stressed more than anything else that that's what its all about- Family.   "You help me and I will help you, we'll be there for you if you are there for us and we promise that" explained Kakaty.  So much so does the band follow Leigh's words that after their set, they all went inside the club to meet each and every fan, tip a few cocktails, take photos and make everyone who met them feel as part of the  family.

The band has gone thru some hardship as Leigh lost his dad, his best friend earlier this year.  He dedicated the new album to his father called War of Angels and after 8 month delay caused by a lengthy battle with a record label will finally be coming out June 28th.  As I sat on their tour bus, listening to tracks off the new album, you get sense of accomplishment from the guys in the band. Saying they are very proud of the record would be a understatement. Each member has a story about the songs, how they came to be, why they were written, who produced them and what they were doing at the time.

There are highs too.  'Last Man Standing' was the single that is helping break the band.  It was a Top 5 Rock song in the country and there is a sign on the bus that reminds them of their hard fought success.   The song was used to promote sporting events on television during the NFL playoffs.  They even played me a Michigan Fight Song they wrote and recorded for Wolverine Football.  It's so good that other sports teams have requested the band to record their fight songs.

Pop Evil is a band on the verge of being something special.  Consistently touring P.E. are gathering new fans in every city they play.  At Northern Lights, Pop Evil fans came from as far away as Kentucky and Connecticut to join the family.   At Rock On The Range, Pop Evil was named one of the ten most memorable moments of the weekend by Spin Magazine.

The new album 'War of Angels' is dropping June 28th.  It will include 3 songs that have been made available thru a Pop Evil's Facebook fan page exclusively at Best Buy.   The record will not include those tracks anywhere else.

Leigh gave me the next single titled MONSTER YOU MADE to post here and for you to listen to and comment.   The lyrics have a deep deep meaning for Kakaty and what he has gone through as a frontman for Pop Evil. Enjoy it.