Poop In Space: A Reading From The Apollo 10 Transcripts

The worst part about being an Astronaut would have to be having every word you say on a mission recorded for future records. In 1969 the Apollo 10, Mission around the moon mission Astronauts encountered problems unlike any from earth. Loss of oxygen, shortage of fuel and Alien attacks are likely situations and fears when exploring the unknown. However, the attack of the floating chocolate bars is a situation that is not only horrific but very real for the astronauts upon the Apollo 10.

I made it my American duty (Ha duty) to bring the lost transcripts of the Apollo 10 mission to life. Deep into the 500 Page declassified transcript there is a exchange of communication indicating a situation of floating space dookie. The public must hear what this situation might have sounded like in 1969. I hope you will find comfort in the effort i have made to stay true to the history of the situation in the reenactment above. This one is for you America!

Tom Stafford: “Give me a napkin, quick, there’s a turd floating through the air.”

John Young: “I didn’t do it, it ain’t one of mine.”

Gene Cernan: “I don’t think it’s one of mine. Mine was a little more sticky than that.”

Tom Stafford: “Throw that away.”

Gene Cernan: “Here’s another Goddamn turd. What’s the matter with you guy?”       -1969 Apollo 10: Mission Around The Moon-


These men are truly heroes and should be remembered for their bravery!