Playboy looking for librarians isn't anything new, but they generally aren't looking for male librarians. It isn't often that an opportunity to work for Playboy Magazine occurs and it makes me wish I had a degree in library science. The job listing for this job is pretty interesting and it's good to know that Playboy doesn't just want anyone in this role but they want someone with a degree and the right background to ensure proper handling and care. Responsibilities include maintaining Hugh Hefner's scrapbooks, doing research for historical files, researching photo related projects, prepare historical film collections for digital archiving, and other tasks where you get to look at naked ladies. Or read the articles.

It's not a well known fact but Hugh Hefner is quite the historical buff; he knows that his magazine has a significant value to American history, particularly 20th century history. We make the jokes about the articles but there have been some amazing people who have penned thing for the magazine including John Steinbeck, Roald Dahl, Ernest Hemingway, Margaret Atwood, Jack Kerouac, Alex Haley, Stephen King - just to name a few.

There are recipes too although I couldn't find one online to share. Too bad I lost the one for a lemon pepper turkey roast.