I don't know how they're making it happen, but I like it.

So I found this Star Wars web game. I like the web, games and Star Wars, so I had to try it out. Before knowing at all what I was getting into, the game asks me to go to a website on my phone. Mind you I'm playing this game on a desktop work computer (sorry boss!).

It's Star Wars so I do what it says. Suddenly, the screen of the desktop pc is filled with storm troopers firing at me, mostly missing of course. In my hands is a lightsaber, no seriously in my hands my phone became the hilt of the lightsaber on the screen and that lightsaber reacted as I moved my phone. All I did was go to a website. This is seriously awesome tech. My phone can be my personal controller that can interact on the fly with web games.

You gotta try it out for yourself, also it will keep you away from the spoilers that are somehow making their way around today.