Sean Garnsworthy; Getty Images


Take a multi-time registered sex offender, put him in a stair case, and let the good times roll. Well, the cops tried to stop him but he replied with "I'm almost done". Yeah, that didn't sit well.

The 35 year old, who renames unnamed, was reported to be running around the neighborhood earlier in the day grabbing and yelling at people. He would be later caught in a staircase in mid-stroke. The cops asked the guy to stop what he was doing but I guess he was "too close" to stop.

I hate to imagine what the cops had to think or how it was decided who was going to make the first attempt at stopping the dude. Sorry, I'm not going to be the one risking the chance of a money shot while making an arrest or anything else (God bless police officers for having to deal with this crap).

Public flashing and self-pleasures seem to be on the rise in the news recently. A guy in Washington state last week was caught off guard when he went to flash a woman and she pulled a gun on him. Another being from New York City in September where a public masturbator was busted after 3 "releasing" attacks on separate women.