He’s 62 years-old and can kick my ass? I don’t think so, have you even seen my muscles? No 62 year old zombie is beating me, no way no how!

Yes it’s pretty awesome that this old dude is fighting in the ring. Also it’s even more bad ass that he actually won, but let’s not gets too carried away. Who did he really beat, some kid who bought a tap out bathing suit last week at the mall and calls himself a fighter? Also how sweet is the Crypt Keeper’s style? What’s that style called, drunken uncle? He literally maneuvers around the ring like every dive bar patron I have ever seen at 2am. How about instead of encouraging this man we warn him of the risk of competing in mixed martial arts with osteoporosis?


PS: I barely recognized David Carradine there with out the belt tied around his neck.