Seriously has this guy aged a day?

Pee-Wee Herman was one of the biggest stars when I was a kid. His Playhouse show was something I watched whenever possible. Later in life I found out that the show was adapted for kids, really it was pretty raunchy. I remember the movies quite well too, most of all Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Then there were the dark times. I remember not really understanding what the big deal was, but then Pee-Wee was gone until Paul Reubens re appeared in the movie Blow.

It looks like Netflix is ready to bring Pee-wee back with a new Netflix original movie, Pee-wee's Big Holiday. The trailer doesn't give you a great idea of what going to happen in Big Holiday, but it does bring you right back to the beginning of Big Adventure with Pee-wee waking up via a Rube Goldberg machine.

I will definitely be watching this when it hits Netflix, it's almost exactly the reason I pay them monthly. Wanna Pee-wee and chill?