On Thursday April 21st, Kyle Kleege's "PartyTron" premiers at The Inaugural Madison Film Festival, "PartyTron" in one of the eighteen films being shown at the Film Festival that began on Saturday, it's a film about: Two hapless losers who build the ultimate party machine and hijinks ensue.


What makes this particular film so special to me, is that I am in this film.

I am not a part of the hijinks though, I am kind of the anti-hijinks in the film because I play a cop and I grew a very realistic mustache for the role.

"PartyTron" will be wrapping up the Inaugural Madison Film Festival on Thursday and it is worth the wait, aside from having a great cast and director "PartyTron" is chalk full of good old fashion fun!

I enjoyed working with Kyle and hope to work with him again, this film is technically the third time I have worked with Kyle.

I met Kyle on the set of "Stoner Apocalypse."

We got along so well that I invited him to the station for an interview.

I know that interviewing someone does not mean that you "worked" together, but there were lights, a camera and some action. That is why I said we "technically" worked together on the interview.

If you get the chance, check out the Inaugural Madison Film Festival this week, if not for "PartyTron" then for one of the other seventeen local films and discover just how talented the people of Capital Region can be, because Madison Film Festival is not just any "FilmFestival" it is a also a showcase of local talent.