For many kids in the Albany Region, Labor Day weekend signals a return to school on the horizon. While it's not a highly looked forward to thing for most kids, parents on the other hand rather enjoy shipping their little ones off on the school bus.

According to a new survey, 76% of parents are "secretly" happy their children are returning to school after a long summer's break. That's compared to the 24% who feel a bit "bummed" about it.

Why is this? Most parents do in fact enjoy having their kids around but not all the time. 86% of respondents enjoyed having their kids around in the summer.

How do those parents feel about possibly having their kids possibly having longer days? 37% of moms and 51% of dads would approve of it. What about school staying in session for more months in the year? 42% of moms and 52% of dads wouldn't actually mind that instead.

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