Early this week it was leaked on the internet that 2 of the founding members of pop-punk group Paramore were leaving the band.  Yesterday the rest of the band confirmed these rumors.

Rumors were flying all week that Paramore was going through a split, and it turns out that it's true.  Founding members (and brothers) Josh Farro and Zac Farro have decided to leave the successful pop-punk group to pursue other gigs.  A fake blog began hitting the internet last week telling fans that the 2 would be leaving, but the band denied the claims.

According to the bands official blog they knew the brothers would be leaving after their show Sunday night in Orlando.

A couple of months ago, Josh and Zac let us know they would be leaving the band after our show in Orlando last Sunday. None of us were really shocked. For the last year it hasn't seemed as if they wanted to be around anymore. We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if that isn't here with us, then we support them finding happiness elsewhere.

The rest of the band assures their fans that they will be continuing on and ready to pursue another chapter in their career.  Lead singer Haley Williams said that 2011 will be a big year for Paramore so watch out.