Move over MTV and FUSE, PalladiaTV is moving in and taking over. If you've never heard of Palladia, it's HD channel 1840, and launched in September of 2008.

Palladia is the newest channel to feature music 24/7. It does get its content from VH1, MTV and CMT, but it also uses its own original productions as well. It features genres such as pop, rock, indie, and country, and presents them in different formats, including live concerts, music videos and even making's of. It also features shows such as Unplugged, $2 Bill, Storytellers and even award shows MTV Video Music Awards, Vh1 Hip Hop Honors and CMT Music Awards.

I've been frequently tuning into Palladia and it's fun and entertaining. Yesterday I watched live footage from the Glastonbury Festival, which takes place during the summer in the UK. It's awesome to be able to attend concerts right from your living room, especially when you can't be there in person. I will always love Music on Demand, but with Palladia you can watch the show and rock out with the audience on TV. Watching a band perform live beats just listening to them any day.

Palladia might just be the new favorite music channel. I use to love FUSE because it actually featured metal bands and music, but now it's just a bunch of rap and hip hop like every other channel. I love MTV, but doesn't it stand for Music Television? When is there ever any actual music on? Maybe early morning when everyone is asleep. It's sad that these channels that use to be awesome are now taken over by mindless, meaningless shows such as Jersey Shore and other "reality" disasters.

I don't understand why these channels that were once so popular always have to be taken over and made into horrible stations. Hopefully this won't happen to Palladia, or it will just be another notch on the belt of music channels that went horribly wrong. For now, however, I will sit back and enjoy it. Check it out and see for yourself how diverse and awesome it is.

For a complete schedule of Palladia shows, go here.