Loudness is the new religion, and Connecticut's Ovlov is fully embracing its ear-splitting dogma. The band's song 'Nu Punk' employs Nirvana-era fuzz, brutal bass and a modern take on rock singing. It's exactly what you need right now, as you sit in your cubicle brooding about spreadsheets.

Frontman Steve Hartlett croons lightly behind a wall of heaviosity. He describes the single as the moment "when a punk embraces their emotions." From the sound alone, you can tell that said punk is on the verge of a total meltdown, careening toward viral-video, on-air-freakout status. "We're doin' it live!"

Ovlov is in good company over at their label Exploding In Sound Records (Pile, Speedy Ortiz, Fat History Month), which released the band's debut album, 'Am,' last week. The Yankee rockers strike us as a sign that indie rock is headed toward a much heavier phase.

Bands like METZ, Iceage and Japandroids are paving the way for new groups to get louder and embrace their metal and emo sides -- their inner teenagers, if you will. So the next time you're about to flip out at work, turn up the distortion squalls of Ovlov and let the angst wash over you.

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