Prepare to get your 'Toxic Avenger' on with Nuclear Throne.

The mutant-filled escapades of Nuclear Throne is coming soon, according to Rami Ismail on the PlayStation Blog. Ismail is actually one-half of the development duo that makes up the Dutch development studio, Vlambeer, which has recently been given a lot of praise for Luftrausers. Originally being made under the title of Wasteland Kings, Nuclear Throne is a top-down shooter that plays much like Hotline Miami mixed with the well-received Binding of Isaac. You must play as one of 11 mutants who must shoot and melee its way through randomly-generated levels with tons of monstrous enemies for you to take out.

While an official launch window has yet to be unveiled, Vlambeer has said that Nuclear Throne's release is still a few months away from release. Nuclear Throne will be coming to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Like many other indie games that have been coming to PlayStation consoles, we really hope that there will be cross buy and cross saving features included with Nuclear Throne.