I was excited before, but now I am scared of "Fuller House."

I was excited because I was looking forward to seeing what the girls look like, all grown up, and what the guys look like all old and stuff, but then I realized, nothing really changed.

I was raised on "Full House." I watched the series premiere, and I watched every show until the last season when I finally gave up on the show because the more I watched it, the more I realized that "Full House" is the cheesiest sitcom ever.

I stopped watching the show because it started to drive me mad.

There is almost no continuity in the show. In one episode, a character would experience some kind of life-changing event, and in the next episode, it is as if, that life-changing event never happened.

Aside from the event that happens, where the mother of the three girls dies in a car accident (which is the reason why three grown men and three little blonde girls are living in the same house in San Francisco) nothing really bad ever happens to these people. Feelings get hurt, misunderstandings are had, Uncle Jesse breaks his arms in a motorcycle accident because he is upset about his haircut.

There is that episode where Uncle Jesse's grandfather dies, and they make a big deal about it with a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode, but then it turns out that the episode isn't really that sad and in the end the family is closer than they were before, and no one really remembers that Jesse's grandfather died. In the series finale, Michelle runs away on a slow moving horse, and when they find her, she goes home...but she never really went anywhere.

"Full House" was not edgy, or groundbreaking, or even funny. It was just cute. It was a cute show for women and now they want to make America cute again with a "Fuller House."

I could not take this warm, cuddly, wholesome, family-friendly, stimulation the first time around and now they are going to do it again. And I am going to watch it again, and get sick off of how cute it is. I am going to force myself to watch this show so that I can prove that this show is actually bad for you.