As the snow melts in the Spring of 2012 at the Schenectady High School football field, a referee's whistle blows - fans cheer as a 60 yard pass is thrown to a wide open receiver for a touchdown.  Look closely to see these are not high school boys practicing, but women playing competitive tackle football on a team named The Northeastern Nitro.  If you want to play on this team, tryouts start October 29th. 

The Northeastern Nitro - a woman owned team based in Schenectady New York begins its second year playing in the Independent Women's Football League's North Atlantic Division. (IWFL)  The team consists of women athletes from Schenectady County, New York State,  surrounding areas and are looking for a few great players!

Melissa Messemer of Schenectady is the League Delegate for the Northeastern Nitro and helped move the team to Schenectady with owners Amy Manfred and Carley Pesente. The came here to offer women in this region an opportunity to play tackle football, while  supporting community activities and initiatives designed to increase awareness and participation in girls and women’s sports.

Melissa is no stranger to football as she played competitive football for 10 years and knows what it takes to be successful.  She was given the chance to be the League Delegate for the Northeastern Nitro in August, therefore bringing the team to the Capital Region.

The Northeastern Nitro will compete against other women's teams from the Northeastern United States and Montreal, Canada with the goal of earning a trip to Round Rock, Texas next summer for the IWFL Championships.

We offer a great team and family atmosphere that is physically and mentally demanding that as never been offered to women before in Schenectady.
Melissa Messemer

Woman's tackle football in the Capital Region is not new as three teams have tried in the past unsuccessfully.

This is not women in lingerie, not Arena football - the only difference between the NFL and IWFL is the size of the football as we play with a youth sized ball, one foot in bounds and all players must take pregnancy tests.
Melissa Messemer

For information on tryouts and upcoming events please contact the team at:

Northeastern Nitro
Phone: (518)588-8830

New player tryouts are scheduled for Saturday, October 29 from 12-2 at Schenectady High School in Schenectady, NY. No experience is necessary.

We are eager to hit the ground running in the Capital District. We feel that this is a talent rich area that can put a very strong product on the field
Melissa Messmer

Find the team on Facebook.  For More information regarding the Independant Womens Football League, Action photos of Northeastern Nitro are courtesy of Jane Haslam Photography.