I mean he seems like a pretty awesome bro, right? Any dude rocking a mustache like that deserves some sort of respect and check out them abs. That’s a bro who works out or does cross fit. Maybe we can talk about different work out techniques or diet tips. Also not to mention he seems to own a lot of leather outfits, which I’m guessing means he’s into motorcycles? Bikes are cool, right?


And what’s an "Orange Party"? I love oranges, I want an "Orange Party"! I seriously can’t see anything negative about going to check out this Colton Ford dude, he looks like my kind of Bro. We have so much in common. We both love manly motorcycles, we both love citrus fruits like oranges and we both work out and have huge muscles to get all the hot babes! I can’t wait to meet Colton Ford, if we become friends he’ll make the perfect wing man for me.


PS: It looks like he’s really into wrestling too just like me!