It seems like pop music is just a giant battle of who can be more ridiculous, rather than who can actually provide real talent.  Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga seem to be fighting over who can turn more heads with their ridiculous looks, rather than their ability to sing. Their ability to actually perform is obviously second to their ability to put on stupid hats and dresses.  Not sure why music has become secondary to this, but Minaj and Gaga are two of the worst.  They show up at award shows in the most ludicrous outfits, and we are just tired of looking at them.

To her credit, Gaga can sing.  So why spoil that with a stupid stage show with spaceship costumes?  Just keep writing catchy songs and stop the nonsense.  We aren't really sure why Nicki Minaj is so beloved.  She seems pretty useless to us.