You're out on a hot date, the night is going really well and you know tonight is the night.  So when you end up back at your apartment, whatever you do- DON'T PUT ON ANY NICKELBACK!!!  A recent survey found that Nickelback was voted the band least likely to help get you laid.  

The music/dating website conducted a recent survey on musical turn offs.  Tastebuds is a website that helps people find people they are musically compatible with and do  many musical / sex surveys. This survey should come as no surprise as they previously did a survey that found Nirvana Fans are more likely to put out on the first date.

They asked "What is your musical turnoffs? "You know the bands you really can't stand"?  Tastebuds users reponded in the thousands. Nickelback came out on top with 13 percent (both sexes)  saying Chad Kroeger and his band are a major turnoff and would not engage in sexual relations after listening to. OUCH!

Who else are turnoffs?

Nickelback – 13%
Justin Bieber – 12.1%
Lady Gaga – 9.8%
Ke$ha – 5.2%
Coldplay – 5%
U2 – 4.5%
Creed – 4.4%
Katy Perry – 4.3%
Lil Wayne – 4%
Britney Spears – 3.8%

Something to think about that when you go purchase Nickelback's new album 'Here and Now'  on November 21st.