I don’t claim to be an expert on dogs, but I do believe I know more then this stupid news lady. You’re not suppose to put your face in a strange dogs face for the very reason he might bite it off! This idiot got exactly what she deserved. That dog is not yours, you are not Cesar Millan, and no animal including dogs wants your coffee stank ugly face in theirs. What makes me sick about this story below is that the owner of the dog, who is clearly holding onto the dog’s collar, is being charged with a situation after this incident. They are charging the owner with a leash law violation. Really? He was holding onto the dog in between his won legs! He didn’t say “go ahead lady stick your mush right there in his mouth and baby talk to him, he wont eat you, I promise”. At least the video doesn’t show that. This bitch got what she deserved and I love ever second of this video. Thank you who ever posted it.