As if the massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake wasn't enough trouble for New Zealand, that quake shook free a gigantic 30 million ton piece of ice from a New Zealand glacier.

The massive piece of ice dropped into a lake miles from the city of Christchurch just minutes after the earthquake hit. When it dropped it created huge waves which rocked the coast for 30 minutes after the quake.  People who were in the area said that it sounded like a rifle going off and then the ice dropped into the water.

Experts at the national park near the galcier said that they were expecting some smaller ice to break off within the next month or so, but this took them by surprise.  Mount Cook Alpine Village tourism manager Denis Callesen told the press:

Within about a minute of that happening, the staff at the lake heard from five kilometres away a sound that sounded like a rifle shot and then over the next two minutes all the events started to unfold.

The massive piece of ice looks like a mountain has popped up in the middle of the lake.  Smaller bergs are now starting to break off.  Experts say that they have no doubt in there mind that the earthquake was the cause of the break off.