Here we go again. A lawsuit against the state has been filed saying the new law violates New York's constitution.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

After being legal, then illegal, and then legal again an anti gambling group called Stop Predatory Gambling has just filled a lawsuit against New York State stating that legalizing daily fantasy sports gambling violates New York State's constitution in what I can only assume is an effort to make it illegal once again.

From what I understand the first issue with daily fantasy sports gambling is that there was a question on weather or not it was a game of chance or a game of skill (and probably some sort of need for the state to get paid too, but that's just my opinion). WelI guess the state and the daily fantasy sports companies managed to figure that one out because in August there was legislation signed making it legal.

Now this group is saying that gambling in general in New York State is illegal. As News 10 points out

The state’s constitution prohibits gambling, except those forms such as horse races, charitable contests, a limited number of commercial casinos and state lottery.

Apparently the group is extremely against all forms of state sponsored gambling but in regards to the lawsuit against daily fantasy sports gaming WNYT reports that their position is that:

 Daily fantasy is gambling and therefore unconstitutional.

To be honest this whole ordeal is has a lot of in's and outs to it's a lot to take in for a casual sports fan but you can get more info on the press conference held by Stop Predatory Gambling by clicking HERE.

What do you think? Do these guyshave a leg to stand on? Are you worried that you may no longer be able to play daily fantasy sports in NYS?